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March 14, 2013

The evolution of the recruitment process

The world is changing faster than ever before in almost everything we do. As headhunters we have noticed how our clients’ attitudes to recruitment has changed dramatically. In almost every industry sector business leaders have focused on cost and the sustainability of their business. With reference to recruitment this has either meant a recruitment freeze or an inscrutable look at how to drive down the cost of recruitment. There have been many options open to help achieve this with very differing results. The first option would be to assess how to recruit without involving a headhunter or recruitment agency – this would involve advertising directly through broadsheets, industry magazines, online advertising, direct approaches or word of mouth. This is all very well if the company has an internal recruitment team who have the time and experience to handle the recruitment campaigns – if however a company does not have that resource it can become an extremely arduous and time consuming process with limited results. If you have decided that there is no other way apart from third party help then it is a matter of looking at whether you want to use a recruitment agency or a headhunter – normally […]
March 11, 2013

SMEs – The UK’s Lifeline

Now more than ever the smaller sized businesses in the UK need to start expanding. Despite the global economic meltdown over the last 7 years the Dow Jones and the FTSE 100 are absolutely booming with unprecedented levels being achieved. Investors are backing companies who have solid foundations and focused growth plans. It belies the general feeling of gloom and we should be ready to follow suit. As headhunters focused on the SME space we have noted the downturn more than most. The smaller companies have been starved of working capital and have literally battened down the hatches – but ask any commercial bank manager about the current positions of their clients’ accounts and you will be told that they have never been healthier – small businesses have tackled their debt and are running very solvent businesses. So why the gloom, why have businesses stagnated? Part of the problem, but clearly not all, is the continued negative outlook of the media – remember everything in the press is sensationalised, but people are easily impressed and if everything is as bad as the media portrays why would any company in their right mind want to expand? So we are in a […]
February 21, 2013

Honesty in the workplace

Intelligent, adaptable, focused, ambitious, organised, team player, highly motivated – these are all words that you see every time you look at a job description listed under “candidate qualities”. It is all too rare to see the word “honest” but this is the key quality that validates all of your other qualities. Every time we meet a candidate or client either to take the brief or conduct an interview we are always focused on this key word. A client has to be honest about the job, over sell the opportunity in order to hire that key individual and 3 months down the line the candidate will see the reality and the trust will have been broken – the next time a headhunter calls their head will be turned. Better that the client is honest and fails to get the target candidate than go through the expensive and disruptive process of making the hire only to lose them and a slice of reputation 3 months later. Be honest, give the prospective hire a clear picture of your business and the challenges it faces – this way the candidate can make a lucid assessment of whether they will be able to meet […]
February 12, 2013

New Business Growth Planning

In these hard economic times, many people have been left with few choices regarding wealth creation and the last 5 years has seen an explosion in new start-ups owing to the fact that there are fewer employment opportunities. Starting a new business is a very viable solution, if you are successful then clearly your investment will grow but there are plenty of pitfalls and stresses along the way. There are a plethora of things you need to do and think about but one of the most important is business growth. So you have decided to start your new business, so how big is your ambition, what are your growth goals? As your strategy is gradually implemented, there will be more investment and your infrastructure will expand along with your customer base and obviously your costs. Again nothing is without risk and there will be frustrations along the way but detailed planning for your expected growth will minimise that risk. There are many factors that determine the growth of a business investment but calculated risk and detailed planning are the two most powerful components for high returns and success. Make sure you know your market and its players inside out – […]
May 14, 2012

Flexibility is Key

Let’s face it, the negative economy has had its impact on us since 2007 but has the media influenced us and stopped us from making sound business decisions? If the media keep sensationalizing the doom and gloom then few of us will ever take the risks needed for achieving growth and success for fear of what the media hint at what is round the corner. And guess what – if nobody grows then the media will have been right and who wants that!!! With this in mind Eagle Headhunters has had to change their approach and make our business more approachable from a cost perspective. We find the top performers for businesses and naturally, due to our labour intensive methods, charge more than your average recruitment company. However we realise that in this economic climate we have to do our bit to help businesses and the economy and so now view flexibility in our terms as absolutely essential. We now offer each individual client a solution that addresses their cost sensitivities as well as maintaining our high level of service and expertise. Being flexible and listening to our clients is what will help growth all round. Taking steps to grow […]
January 25, 2012

Marine Headhunting Division Launch

Eagle Headhunters are pleased to announce the launch of their new Marine Division dedicated to headhunting key professionals across the whole of the marine sector. Having recently secured the services of a specialist marine consultant with over 20 years experience within the industry, we now have the expertise to search out the top talent within the fields of Commercial, Superyachting, Leisure and Renewables – more details. Working both Nationally and Internationally with our proactive approach, intense research and market knowledge the team at Eagle Headhunters  are committed to finding you the top candidates. Please contact us to discuss the service further.
November 10, 2011

Businesses prepare for winter freeze

Businesses in the US and Europe are warned to prepare for another freezing winter.  Companies are advised to have contingency plans in place to deal with another prolonged spell of bitter weather and the disruptions that heavy snowfall brings with the forecast for another winter of record breaking cold. In December 2010 bad weather in the UK cost the country an estimated £1 billion a day according to the Centre for Economics and Business Research with airports closed, trains and cars brought to a halt and the High Street shops abandoned.  Similar disruption fell across mainland Europe and huge areas of the US. Preparation is called upon to ensure that this year’s forecasts don’t deal a blow for retailers and businesses, jeopardising the wider economic recovery. James Madden the long range weather forecaster for Exacta weather who accurately forecast both the summer and winter weather for the last two years has predicted a 2011/2012 winter possibly worse than last year. His forecasts are based amongst others, on the effects of solar activity, La Nina and El Nino. He forecasts for North America and the Pacific Northwest region to experience a very severe winter.  He quotes “our weather models are also […]
November 10, 2011

Employment Trends 2011

2011 sees more women in the UK Board room but more needs to be done to readdress the balance claims the UK’s Minister for Equalities.   FTSE 100 companies were praised by the Minister, Lynne Featherstone for some progress in adding women to their board level positions but highlighted that more needed to be done to embrace diversity in order to improve their business performance and help to boost the UK economy. Featherstone said “The Government’s priority is to get the economy back into shape. That means dealing with the deficit and stimulating growth. Better use of women could be worth between £15 billion & £23 billion each year, and research shows that companies with higher proportions of women on their boards perform better than their rivals”. Nevertheless, the gender imbalance has improved in 2011 with 22.5% of new FTSE100 directorship appointments going to women.   A study has been commissioned to research the numbers of American and European executives moving to Asia.  Leading Companies from both America and Europe are quickly expanding into the growth markets of APJ (Asia, Pacific, Japan) and the Bric nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China) and taking their top executives with them. Results of the study […]