Headhunting Recruitment FAQs

1Does the Headhunter have experience of working within our sector?
While many of our headhunters specialise in specific industries, we understand the importance of no ‘off-limit’ clients. The key focus is experienced headhunters with a wealth of contacts and networking skills who can secure talent, no matter the industry. An example of this could be when we were asked to find a Gulfstream IV jet pilot last year. With no experience in this arena we managed to fill the role within 4 weeks of taking on the assignment. We achieved this through networking our way into the industry and talking to as many people as possible, gathering important information and referrals.
2Does the Headhunter maintain client confidentiality?
A core skill of an experienced headhunter is knowing exactly how much information to divulge, and when to divulge it. Many of our clients require confidentiality and discretion while they seek their next star – particularly when passive targets are being approached. While it’s necessary to provide the potential candidate with enough information to create appeal, our headhunters know
3Can I only use a headhunter for senior level appointments?
If the headhunting model is consistent and the potential candidates accessible, it does not matter if they are an office junior or CEO. Our approach is suitable for a vast variety of industries, levels and roles.
4Why should I pay a headhunter a retainer?
Our modest retainer (10% and deducted from the final fee) reflects the extensive work carried out during the early stages of the talent search. We do not advertise and we do not have a database of CVs. Instead, we research the industry sector in depth, and scout the best places to headhunt from. We are confident that we will find the right candidate for you, however this small retainer ensures the detailed work carried out during the discovery process is covered should you decide to go in a different direction.
5What is the difference between headhunting and traditional recruitment?
Headhunting places a laser focus on seeking high caliber individuals and passive candidates. The focus is on the fit for the company and abilities of the candidates. Traditional recruitment relies on active jobseekers, with a focus on filling lower-level positions quickly. However, in recent years the terms have become more interchangeable.
6How long does the headhunting process typically take?
The duration of the process can vary depending on the role and the industry. Your dedicated headhunter will discuss timeline expectations with you at the beginning of the search. The average would be from 4 to 12 weeks.
7 What industries do you specialise in?
We work across a broad spectrum of industries, with specialisms in aviation, medical, marine, logistics and law. Our team has the expertise to handle diverse recruitment needs.
8How do Eagle Headhunters ensure the quality of candidates during the headhunting recruitment process?
Our rigorous headhunting process and advanced candidate analysis ensures we only put forward individuals of the highest caliber who will be a good fit for your company.
9What are the benefits of using a headhunter?
Headhunters provide your company with access to passive candidates, dedicated networking, confidentiality and a tailored approach to your talent search. Together, this immeasurably improve your chances of finding the right person for your role within your timeline.
10Can you help with international recruitment?
Yes, we have extensive experience in international headhunting and can source top talent globally to meet your needs.
11What roles can you recruit for?
We specialise in headhunting for senior and executive level positions as typically these are the roles that require the expert skills of our headhunters. Whatever position you’re looking to fill, get in touch to find out how we can help.
12How do I get started?
Contact us to start your headhunting journey today.

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