Sales Headhunters

 About 75% of our headhunting assignments are sales driven – this can be telesales, direct sales, channel sales, business development, account management, sales director etc. Usually, companies approach us to undertake a sales headhunter assignment because they have not been able to find high quality sales people from typical recruitment channels such as advertising or database search. This is understandable as the top performers have a healthy pipeline and are too busy over achieving to be even thinking about another job. They are also highly coveted (or should be) by their current employer. It is a sad indictment of the sales discipline in this country but the demand for top quality sales people far outweighs the supply.

When we are carrying out research for any of our sales assignments we are always hearing from people we talk to "well if you come across anyone you think may fit our culture then let us know as we are also looking". It is absolute fact that the top sales people in this country never have to look for a new job – they are passive candidates and you cannot get to them through the usual recruitment methods. The only chance you have is through word of mouth yourselves or through a professional headhunter. Furthermore, you have to have a very good package to entice them away from their current job.

So if you are serious about getting the top sales people for your business then use a specialist sales headhunter and prepare a good package that will entice them from their current position.

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