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May 1, 2024

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October 20, 2022

Types of Pilot License in the UK

The landscape of pilot licenses in the UK can be a bit bewildering for the inexperienced. If you’re just starting out on your aviation career, how do you know your private pilot license from your CPL, and which do you need to be a pilot in the UK. Here we go through an overview of the different types of licenses in the UK, so that you know how to build a worthwhile flying career. Whichever pilot license you embark on getting, it will take time and dedication. Each license, including the private pilot license, trains you in everything you need to know to safely take to the skies in specific types of aircraft under specific conditions. To decide which type of license is right, you need to consider your flying goals. Different privileges are extended to different license types. For example, you can’t fly commercially in the UK with a private pilot license, but you can fly for recreation with it. Commercial vs. recreational flying When looking at pilot licenses in the UK, you broadly need to consider two overarching categories: commercial and recreational. The basic premise is that recreational flying is for pleasure and personal use. Commercial flying is […]
October 20, 2022

Your Complete Guide to Getting a Private Pilot License

At Eagle Headhunters, we are specialists in the area of aviation recruitment. Here we look at the importance of a private pilot license, specifically addressing why it is needed and how it can be used for work. What does a private pilot do? A private pilot is notably different from a commercial pilot. A private pilot holds a private pilot license to fly private aircraft. They are knowledgeable in operation, navigation, safety and planning, specifically for cross-country flights. As certified aviation specialists, with a private pilot license, they can fly small aircraft for personal use. Holding a private pilot license allows the individual to be pilot in command (PIC) on non-commercial flights or touring motor gliders (TMGs) In addition, it can be a stepping stone to becoming a commercial pilot. Becoming a commercial pilot – flying clients or customers for money – requires more stringent training. What is a private pilot license (PPL)? A private pilot license (PPL) is the way to become certified to fly for pleasure and independence. It’s a good entry means of learning about aviation and determining if you’d like to consider being a pilot as a career. Becoming a commercial pilot is an extremely costly […]
September 14, 2022

Choosing sales director recruitment agencies

  A sales director is a pivotally important role in a business. It doesn’t matter how good your product or service is, if you don’t have the right team to sell it. And you can’t have the right team of motivated collaborative salespeople without an outstanding leader. Indeed, the sales director role is often the difference between business success and stagnation. So, a huge amount of pressure rests on choosing the best sales director recruitment agencies to get the right individual in the role. But, how do you choose between the different sales director recruitment agencies to find the one that will deliver? Why use sales director recruitment agencies First up, be clear in your understanding of why you need sales director recruitment agencies. There are a whole host of reasons why it’s best to outsource this task. Sales director recruitment agencies or headhunters can helicopter up and assess the full needs of the organisation in terms of this role, dedicating the time and resources which are often unavailable within the organisation. They can operate without bias, ensuring inclusive recruitment, sure to benefit the business because we know that diversity is good for a business’s bottom line. They can utilise […]
August 9, 2022

An employer’s guide to headhunters recruiters

An employer’s guide to headhunters recruiters   Choosing the right fit headhunters recruiters is essential for employers. It can be the difference between executive level recruitment that drives the success of the business and poor recruitment decisions which stifle growth or present business headaches down the road. However, as we’ve said before, there’s a huge amount of confusing jargon when it comes to headhunters, recruiters and different methods. We’ve chatted before about the differences between headhunters and recruiters. Realistically though, as long as you are sure that your headhunters or recruiters are doing what you expect of a headhunter at the executive level, then terminology is less important. Here we look at why employers need headhunters at the senior and executive level and how to select the best headhunter recruiters for the job. Why do employers need headhunters recruiters? Headhunters and executive recruiters are specialists responsible for recruitment at the most senior level in a business. They take a fundamentally different approach to recruitment compared to in-house hiring managers or recruitment agencies. The process used by headhunters recruiters is distinct. Instead of running broad generic advertisements and drawing on highly-populated pools of active candidates, they go after the needle in […]