Perfecting Your CV

A good CV is one of the most important bare essentials when you are considering taking up a new job or changing your career. A well crafted CV is your opportunity to impress a potential employer and highlight your skills and experiences. So here are three important tips to help you create your perfect CV.

Customising your CV

When you are applying for a new job position you must ensure that your CV is customised for that particular job. If you have any experiences or skills that are especially relevant to the job role you must ensure that they are well highlighted and that they cannot fail to grab the interviewer or headhunter’s attention. With your resume you should be creating a message about yourself that you want to communicate to the firm/company you are applying to so ensure that this message comes through clearly in your CV.

Using space wisely

Every job will come with a minimum requirement of skills & experience and the first thing the interviewer or head-hunter will want to check is whether or not the candidate meets these minimum requirements before giving them any serious consideration for an interview. So when you create your CV you must ensure that your answers for these minimum requirements can easily be found on your resume.

Check it and double check it!

Incredible as it sounds there are lots of people who just do not check their CV before they send it off with a job application and so end up submitting CVs that contain bad typos, spelling mistakes and general grammar/punctuation errors. If an interviewer spots these stupid errors on your CV all it does is creates a bad first impression for you.

So before you go submitting your CV check it to ensure that:

  • There are no errors or spelling mistakes
  • You have specifically targeted it to the company & job
  • The minimum requirements for the job are easy to find
  • You have conveyed the message you want about yourself