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May 12, 2014

The Counter Offer

The counter offer is something that is part and parcel of a headhunter’s life but something that can ruin weeks of hard work. The candidate is researched, goes through all the headhunter’s interviews followed by the client interviews and then is offered the role. The candidate is delighted and accepts the offer and then tenders their resignation – HOWEVER as the candidate has been researched properly we all know that they are a valuable asset and so their current employer reacts and does all they can to keep hold of this prized asset. A candidate who has never been headhunted before has never met this situation before and as they already have an existing relationship with their employer it is not unreasonable to understand that their heads can easily be turned with the lure of a new career path and more money. There are now two things that need to happen. We, the headhunter, need to remind the candidate why they considered a move in the first place. Why was this promise of a new career path and more money there in the first place – why did it take their resignation to trigger the employer’s reaction? Will they be […]
March 18, 2014

The basics – why would someone leave their current role?

There are clearly many reasons that someone would have their head turned by a headhunter but ultimately cash talks! Naturally there are people who are very loyal and would  not move under any circumstance but it is very easy to be loyal if your current employer pays well, has a good benefits package and a clearly defined career path mapped out for you. Lately we have been working for a client who are loyal to us and we enjoy working for them – a client with a good reputation in the market and a strong management team.  However their pay structure needs a dramatic overhaul. Their competitors are paying their staff at least the same but on the whole more and similar businesses outside of their  industry are paying their staff at least 20% more. This leaves us with an extremely difficult situation. We have found handfuls of suitable candidates who are interested in  working for our client but then they inform us of their current salary the conversation is over. It clearly leaves us with a dilemma because we want to advise our client of this  without sounding like we are making any excuse for why the search is […]
February 10, 2014

Why a headhunter might not be for you

The foundations of Eagle Headhunters were built on honesty and is the reason that the company exists today and will exist for many years to come. Every part of the recruitment process needs honesty – anything but and the end result will be negative. This is why we sometimes have to turn business down and have even done so in the tough times. A scenario is that we meet with a client to discuss a specific role that they need for their business. The client naturally wants the best in their field and obviously that is what we strive to deliver. However through the course of the meeting it becomes apparent that there are issues that will negate the possibilities of us achieving this – these issues could be that the client does not have a strong reputation in the market, the salary is not competitive and they cannot be flexible, they are expecting someone to make a sideways move with no career progression or perhaps they are based in an isolated part of the country. Without any flexibility any one of these issues could mean that the search becomes nigh on impossible and if we were to take on […]
January 8, 2014

2014 The Year for Headhunting

Confidence in the private sector is at its highest for 6 years and growth has returned. This is very welcome news for everyone but what does it mean for headhunters? Over the last 7 years headhunting has been in decline year on year as businesses froze their recruitment budgets and certainly if businesses were recruiting they would look at doing it on a shoestring as opposed to using perceived “high cost” headhunters. So those who did recruit probably did not recruit the top performers in their industry who, more than ever, have been highly coveted in the tough economic period that we have sustained. And those that did use headhunters or other methods to try and attract the top talent probably struggled as the top performers or indeed anyone with a stable work environment wanted to stay where they were rather than take the risk of moving and it not working out. 2014 confidence is high and businesses now need to start looking at recruiting the top talent and in order to do this they should turn to headhunting as a process. Coupled with this the people are now ready to start having their heads turned by fresh opportunities. Which […]
December 2, 2013

Repeat Business

During the last 7 years almost every UK business has been under very tough operating conditions and many have fallen by the wayside. Always trying to take a positive stance, we believe that those businesses still standing now have proven pedigree – they have dealt with the most difficult trading conditions and are still here to tell the tale. They are also now operating very lean businesses which bodes well for their future growth. There can only be one main reason for their survival and that is repeat business. You are only as good as your last piece of work. Here at Eagle Headhunters we value every assignment, no matter how big or how small. We imagine that each client is our only client. If we do not deliver then we will not have a business for the future, it is as simple as that. With this philosophy, as long as your product is reliable, you will safeguard against any threatening economic instability. Clearly there are other elements to consider such as being flexible with negotiation, moving your business with the times and constantly out performing your competitors – sounds easy doesn’t it! However we feel that if you treat […]
October 28, 2013

The candidate approach

The candidate approach is always a very crucial part of our headhunting service. The research work has all been done and the we now has all the facts about the target candidates before us and can make the approach. Firstly we need to decide on our approach based on the seniority of the position and secondly we need to make sure that we do not irritate the candidate by calling them at work or even emailing them at their work address – confidentiality is vital. If the position is mid management then a direct approach is fine and they will be used to this but if it is a junior role then we really have to be sensitive to the fact that they may not get many headhunt calls and adapt the approach accordingly. Obviously if it is a senior role then we would normally go through their PA to arrange a meeting. Once we have their attention we have to be balanced in our approach. The majority of candidates we talk to are not actively looking for a change so we have to position the opportunity. Over or under selling a job will switch a candidate off in seconds […]
September 19, 2013

The headhunting arm of your business – selecting a recruitment partner

Every time we go to a Client meeting where we are pitching for the mandate it is always in the back of our minds that we are actually being interviewed. Should we be successful in being awarded the assignment then we will have to represent your company as if we actually had a permanent employment contract with you – or, at least, that is how we view it. Once the process is under way, we will be talking to and meeting a myriad of people within your industry who will all know that you, the client, has contracted us to carry out the task. Act or convey ourselves unprofessionally then your reputation will be tarnished. Therefore when you are selecting a recruitment partner it is always worth remembering the basics – who are the individuals in the recruitment company who are going to be undertaking the mandate? Do they have an intelligent grasp of the requirements and can they voice them in the correct manner? Are they presentable? Are they just after the fee or do they want to build a durable relationship? Will they be able to deal with objections in a subtle and professional way? Will they handle […]
August 21, 2013

Fee Negotiations

It has always been with huge frustration that I listen to companies say that they cannot use a headhunter because of the cost involved. I think quite clearly there are headhunting companies that are responsible for this misconception but this is not the case at Eagle Headhunters. In most UK headhunting/executive search companies the fees are circa 30% of the annual total renumeration of a candidate and this fee is payable in 3 stages – the retainer (paid in advance), the shortlist fee (payable on client satisfaction of shortlist) and the final fee on appointment of a candidate. At Eagle Headhunters we also charge 30% but only have two stages – the retainer fee and the final fee. We believe in a success driven fee system where the client pays the majority of the fee on appointment of a candidate. However that is the basic structure of our fees but is rarely what we work to. It has clearly been a buyer’s market for the last 7 years and so any client we meet has the luxury of being able to negotiate but it has to be a fair negotiation from both sides. Some clients are adamant that they will […]