Headhunting - A Candidate Perspective

Despite a common misconception, headhunters are not just for executive and director positions, many companies right across all sectors will use a headhunting company to find the best candidates for any position they need to fill. By using a headhunter service they can reply on the expertise of the headhunters to track down the top people in that field whatever it may be and ultimately get the best person for the job.

How to get on a headhunters list?

Most headhunting companies find candidates by networking, getting to know who's who and many will accept CVs & resumes direct from job hunters. Reputation goes a long way and although it isn't suggested that you go out of your way to 'show off' your skills it can help if you take proactive steps to being the best in your chosen field. Maybe the best piece of advice is to not become complacent in your current job, even if you feel that you can't get any further with that company by constantly pushing yourself and finding new ways to stand out from your colleagues - this will get you noticed, talked about and eventually you may be headhunted!

What if you are contacted by a headhunter?

Even though you may be contacted by a headhunting firm, whether you've submitted your CV or it is an unsolicited contact, you need to sell yourself as you may be one in a long line of 'potential candidates' so you need to shine. From the initial contact you need to treat it as an interview and impress, even though it will be the headhunting company and not the actual employer the headhunter will have the ultimate influence as to whether you are put forward for the job or not.

  • Don't assume that you have the job just because they are contacting you
  • Sell your accomplishments
  • Give examples of your worth to any company
  • Know your CV inside & out and be able to answer any questions from it
  • Don't slate your current employer in any way
  • Ask questions about the new company and the position on offer

Unfortunately contacting a headhunting company may not result in you finding a new job, it will obviously depend on who they are working for as to what job positions they are trying to fill. Headhunters work for companies to fill vacancies they have, not for the job hunters, that's the job of a recruitment consultant - however getting your CV listed with headhunting companies is a great way to "get yourself out there" so why not submit your CV to us now.