Media Headhunters

The media industry has one of the most intense and unforgiving competitions. Alongside this are technological advances and changes in connectivity, which mean you need to prepare for a constantly changing and evolving world. In media, your strategy needs to be robust, and your success is dependent on the individuals you have filling your executive and strategic roles. You cannot wait to ‘test’ someone on the job. You need to see that they are achieving what you need, right now, today.

Filling such media roles requires a different approach to recruitment. Media headhunters home in on outstanding media talent which is already proving their capability in a dynamic environment. We have the resources and the knowledge to track down these media lights and bring them to your organisation, ready to deliver on your objectives.

Being such a competitive recruitment marketplace, senior media positions, from Director of Communications and PR to Head of Marketing or Chief Creative Officer all require an intensity of focus. These positions require our utmost diligence to understand your unique needs and requirements. We don’t offer you people who won’t deliver. We only offer media industry gems.

Why Eagle Headhunters?

Media headhunters are a specialist breed. This is a tough industry to crack and one in which the landscape is perpetually changing. Our talent acquisition leaves no stone unturned so that you get the talent of the future. With one eye on now and the other on where you want to be, we can bring you the talent you need. We get to know your culture and your expectations, combined with our proven process so that you get the services of a true media headhunter, not a glorified recruitment agency.

At Eagle, we are about adding value in all that we do. We scour media talent both at home and overseas to widen your pool before diving into the most wanted talent. We are about finding the needle in the haystack so that you know you’ve got the best of the best. We problem-solve your media recruitment difficulties so that they become an opportunity for success.

Our media headhunters are focused on both the market and on your needs. Whatever the media or communications needs you have, we can be there to make a difference. From editors to digital strategists, head of publishing to executive level roles, we are there to enable you to navigate the future. Give us a call on 0203 582 2663. We’re eagle-eyed for your media talent.