Getting Headhunted

Getting Headhunted

How to get Headhunted?

As the recruitment industry grows and develops, we find that the trend is moving towards organisations using headhunting firms as opposed to recruitment agencies to fill open positions. The result is that headhunters are making more placements in almost all industries than ever before. If you are looking for a perfect dream job, it is in your interest to catch the eye of headhunters. Here are some tips on how to get headhunted.

Excel in your Job Role

Headhunters are looking for the best fitment for an open position in their client’s organization and they are looking for the best talent in the industry to satisfy their clients. If you want to be noticed by headhunters, it is important that you are amongst the best professionals within your industry in your job role.

Get Exposure

It is important that your skills and worth are recognised beyond your department or your organisation for headhunters to take notice of you. Choose to participate in conferences, give presentations and get involved in other professional activities outside of your organisation.

Build Excellent Client Relationships

One of the methods used by headhunters is asking clients about their opinion of professionals who service their requirements. If a headhunter approaches any one of your clients with a similar query, you need to have great client relationships to ensure that they recommend you to headhunters.

Build a Professional Network

Another method employed by headhunters to find suitable talent is by asking for references within the industry. You need to network with a large number of people from your industry as well as take the effort to be remembered by them. As and when headhunters look for references, if your name pops up from many different sources, the headhunters are likely to take notice and you are likely to receive the much-awaited call from them.