Headhunter or Recruiter

Headhunter Agency or Recruiter

Recruiting a sales professional with a history of excellent conversion rates and a consistent record of achievement is a tough challenge. When outsourcing this task, it is extremely important that you enlist the services of an expert - someone who knows the industry and is able to find genuine top performing sales professionals.

A specialist headhunter agency is your best bet. Using his background knowledge of the industry and the information that he will have gathered on the culture of your company, along with further research and a wide network of contacts, a headhunter is able to find the perfect sales candidate for your company.

What's more, a corporate head hunter is reliant upon a good reputation as referrals serve a large proportion of new business. To keep this reputation to a high-standard means always presenting you with clients that exactly match your requirements.

So, what are the advantages of choosing a headhunter agency over a recruitment consultant? Well, once their services have been enlisted, most recruitment agents will immediately present you with a string of candidates that have been sitting on their database. The fact that they have submitted their CV to a recruitment agency, or have responded to an advertisement, implies that they are currently out of a job or they are underperforming in their current role, making them unhappy working for their employer. It is extremely rare for a top salesperson to actively look at working for another company - they are nearly always headhunted.

However, what makes a headhunter so unique is the emphasis that is placed on communicating with the client and building up a strong relationship. This not only enables the headhunter to gain an in-depth understanding of what is required within the role, but goes beyond the job description to determine the personality needed within a company's sales force to be a success.

It is, therefore, a combination of factors that are used to create the headhunter's powerful strategy. His sole aim is to create a synergistic match between a company and a prospective employee. He is fully aware of the market and spends a lot of time researching the top producers within a particular industry. Not only is he continuously enlarging his circle of contacts through proactive networking techniques, but coupled with the knowledge gained through his relationship with the client, he also knows exactly how to sell your company to the people who you would ideally like to recruit.

This is the approach adopted by Eagle Headhunters, a corporate head hunter. A company specialising in finding and placing sales professionals and senior management, and the results have been proven. 'Companies have spent months spending money using recruitment consultants and advertising in broadsheets, but to no avail,' says Rupert Murray, Managing Director of Eagle Headhunters. 'Once our clients have made the decision to use our services, they have found themselves offering contracts within a matter of weeks. Not only has there been a quick turnaround, but the quality of sales people actually being put forward has led to an increase in the overall standard of their sales force. With results like these, our clients are consistently coming back with repeat business.'

If these techniques didn't work, those companies who have already recognised the advantages would not have turned to headhunters for assistance.