Interview Types

When you apply for a job and your CV is selected or when you get headhunted, the next step in most cases is the interview. There are many different types of interviews and if you know what to expect, you can be better prepared for it.

Face to Face Interview

This is the most traditional form of interview and is usually conducted one on one. Focus on the question being asked, maintain eye contact, take your time to think about a response and answer as accurately as possible.

Panel Interview

Here the candidate is interviewed by a panel and typically 3 to 10 interviewers are present on a panel. Consider this an opportunity to present your group presentation and group management skill. Maintain eye contact with the interviewer who asks a question, but respond to the entire panel as a whole.

Telephone Interview

This is amongst the first rounds of elimination of candidates once the resumes have been selected. Schedule a specific time and place for a telephonic interview and ensure that you will not be distracted. Remember to sound confident and let your voice convey your enthusiasm for the job you are being interviewed for.

Group Interview

In this case, candidates are interviewed in a group. Use this interview as an opportunity to display your group management and leadership skills. Ensure that your interactions with other people are informed, well reasoned and knowledgeable.

Stress Interview

The purpose of this interview is to determine how well you react under stress. The interviewer is likely to be rude or sarcastic and is likely to cast aspersions on your skills and/or experience. Be prepared with what to expect in such an interview and ensure that you never rise to the bait no matter how important it seems. Stay calm and collected, but ensure that you are assertive in the point to are making.