Accounting Headhunters

If you’re looking for accounting executives then you have some specific needs. Your industry is specialised and generic at the same time, and somewhat risk averse. The result is that getting the right accounting talent takes a dedicated accounting headhunter who can skilfully navigate your unique recruitment marketplace.

Why Eagle Headhunters?

The accounting recruitment sphere is also incredibly dynamic, but the real talent won’t be found on an application form. Your business, driven by numbers, needs the one-in-a-million who needs tracking down and careful negotiation to get them on board with you. You need business-focused accounting talent which requires knowledge of both accounting, and recruitment challenges.

Whether you’re looking to fill executive accounting roles in the UK or internationally, we have the skills to deliver exceptional accounting talent in this complex marketplace. We understand the nature of financial markets and their interplay with recruitment, politics, and reputations. We understand the need to balance technical know-how, business skills, and industry-leading professionals with in-depth understanding of your organisation.

At Eagle Headhunters we deliver accounting executives ideal for your organisation, from investment managers and qualified accountants to your Chief Financial Officer. We find the best people for SMEs to FTSE listed companies, investment banks, insurance companies, accountancy firms and investment management firms.

We are capable, discrete accounting headhunters ready to bring you the accounting talent needed to drive your business performance - using our skills and resources in research, networking, and recruitment.

Five Ways Specialist Headhunters Secure Talent in Accounting for Executive Level Roles

1Industry Networking and Referrals
Maintaining extensive networks within the accounting industry is just one of the ways out experts secure the best talent. We find the best referrals and recommendations from trusted sources to identify potential candidates who have proven track records in executive roles. This network-centric approach ensures that they can access high-caliber talent that may not be actively seeking new opportunities.
2Market Mapping and Competitor Analysis
Market mapping and competitor analysis allow our accounting headhunters to source where the top talent is currently employed. Identifying key players allows us to target passive clients who possess the desired skills, experience, and leadership qualities.
3Professional Platforms and Databases
Executive search databases, LinkedIn and specialist forums are all powerful tools for headhunters. Using advanced search techniques, our team filter and identify the best individuals, building a clear image of their profiles, career histories, and professional achievements.
4Discreet & Direct
Utilising a discrete approach, our headhunters can approach passive candidates in high-level positions. Confidentiality is key, ensuring that candidates can explore the new role without jeopardizing their current employment.
5Assessment and Evaluation Processes
Rigorous assessment and evaluation processes ensure that potential candidates meet the client’s requirements. Competency tests, psychometric testing and in-depth interviews come together to create a comprehensive evaluation ensures that only the most qualified and capable individuals are presented to the client.

Industry-Specific Skills and Attributes

Strategic Financial Leadership: Strategic budgeting, forecasting and financial planning are one of the talents a headhunting will first identify. The best candidates will be able to provide insightful analysis and support your business objects to drive growth.  

Regulatory Compliance and Risk Management: In-depth knowledge of industry-specific regulations, accounting standards (such as GAAP or IFRS), and compliance requirements. Top-tier candidates will have demonstrable experience managing financials risk and upholding ethical standards in their reports.  

Technological Proficiency and Innovation: A handle on advanced financial software, enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems, and data analytics tools are another detail your specialist headhunter will look for in potential candidates. Can the candidate drive innovation within the finance function? Our experts will find out, long before the interview stage.  

Eagle-Eyed for Your Talent

To get our accounting headhunters on board with you today complete the form to your right, or call 0203 582 2663. We’re eagle-eyed for your accounting talent.