Director Level Headhunting

A large number of companies are now following the trend of using a headhunting firm, especially for director recruitment or board level job placements. There are many advantages for using board level headhunting. Here are some of them:

Company's Confidentiality

Most companies do not want it known within the industry that they have a vacancy at a senior position due to the fear that competition may take advantage of their weakened situation. By using headhunters, they can be assured that the news will be kept under wraps and the name of their company will be kept confidential until they are ready to make an announcement.

Candidate's Confidentiality

Most candidates at such high levels also do not want it known in their own company or within their industry that they are considering a job change because of the repercussions involved in the event the news break out. Headhunting firms will be able to ensure the confidentiality of the candidate until the process is complete.

Reaching Candidates

Director & Board level Headhunting involves finding a candidate with the right skills for the open position and then approaching and convincing him to consider the job opening. This is very useful in reaching candidates who are not as yet interested in a job change even if they are perfectly matched to it.


Negotiation of compensation at that level can be very delicate and can often times come in the way of a perfect placement. Headhunting firms act as a buffer and ensure that the negotiation process is seamless.

Time Savings

Headhunting firms do not have to deal with massive numbers of incoming resumes of screening numerous candidates as they are more focused in their search for a handful of right candidates. This allows them to use time very efficiently and you can expect very fast turnaround times from a headhunting firm.