The importance of transparency in the recruitment process

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June 11, 2013
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July 22, 2013

The importance of transparency in the recruitment process

With cost being sensitive to all businesses every transaction is under in-depth scrutiny and this is certainly the case for the recruitment world.

Here at Eagle Headhunters we welcome this and it is a long time coming. No longer are our clients accepting CVs on an ad-hoc basis sent by an inexperienced recruiter who is managing a client base and sending the same candidate CVs to all on that client base in the hope that they get lucky – once they do get lucky an expensive invoice follows – that is if the candidate decides to accept an offer from another client on that client base!

We understand that we are working for the client and that our cost has to be justified which means that we have to have a transparent process where our client is completely aware of what we are doing. Obviously our main goal is to deliver the right candidate but there has to be a “value for money” feel about the process. Everything we do in an assignment is owned by the client – therefore all of the intelligence data that we collate is presented to the client in a weekly report – this gives fantastic competitive analysis including such things as salary levels, product releases, brand recognition and brand perception – how is your company viewed in the market, do you need to have a salary review, what do you need to do in order to attract the best talent? These are all questions that arise from a professional search campaign conducted by Eagle Headhunters, where we believe transparency is key to a successful recruitment partnership.

Not only that but we believe that we have to get to know each other which means meeting in order for us to present an update on the search campaign or simply present our short-listed candidates. Should the search be not going as expected we need to meet to discuss this and look at our options not just simply hope the problems go away. Not only is this the way to gain further knowledge of your business and its personalities but we just believe it to be professional and the way to do things.