Making a good Impression Professional Brief

As a headhunter first impressions are vital. The researcher has done all the background checks on the candidate and all the signs point to the individual being a good fit for the role. Enter the consultant who, armed with all the relevant due diligence, makes the first approach.

The phone call goes well with the candidate fairly interested and wanting to find out more – no problem, the candidate is advised to look at the client website and in the meantime we will send over the job specification. Looking good so far. Sadly the candidate rings back the next day (if you're lucky – most never ring back!) to say that the role does not look interesting or challenging enough. But why did they sound interested yesterday on the phone?

How is a company meant to attract the best talent on the market if they are not prepared to invest in a job specification that is going to appeal to and engage and attract the candidates that we headhunt. Obviously we amend and tailor job specifications to make them more professional and attractive but we can never be in a better position than the client to compose such a document.

With this in mind, whilst a client might find it laborious, we will always advise to invest time in putting the best job specification together that they can. It will make them stand out from their competitors and give them a much better chance to attract the best talent through that all important first impression. And in headhunting first impressions are absolutely vital..