Customer Service Headhunters

Customer service is the frontline of your business. As a result the talent you have in executive level customer service roles is the mainstay of your business reputation and ultimately your success. Customer service is where your competitive edge truly lies. It’s about delivering not just satisfaction but value-added. Our customer service headhunters are driven by delivering success for you.

This means that finding customer service leaders, with industry-specific expertise, across executive roles including customer service directors, managers and head of regional operations, requires hunting down talent which is exceptional. Your recruitment goals in this respect are the knife edge between future growth and branding damage. The aptitude and proven success of the candidates you need cannot be gambled on anything less than top-notch recruitment strategies.

Why Eagle Headhunters?

At Eagle Headhunters, we specialise in a broad spectrum of executive level positions. We understand the interlinking of different business functions and their impact on each other. We know that customer service is undervalued at a business’s peril. We witness day in day out where the customer service professionals are who are driving business reputation and success. We know what makes them successful and what makes them tick.

Having this insight into real customer service drivers on the ground allows us to see the precise aptitudes you need in your customer service professionals. We understand the value of a proven track record for motivating staff in a high-pressured and critical function. We witness how accuracy cannot be compromised, standards mustn’t slip in the context of industry regulation, and the unique nature of customer services for its measurable impact on an organisation. We know where the talent lies, and we know how to get it working for you.

At Eagle we care about your business growth, branding and success. We work to acquire talent on your behalf which will only support and enhance this. We seek to see exactly how customer service operates within your business and invest time and effort into evaluating what is needed to propel your customer service function at the executive level. We do this by understanding, intimately, how your customer service function works now and how it can be improved. Your future talent is central to this.

Our customer service headhunters are unique in their approach to hunting down your next talent. We don’t lean on databases which simply state qualifications of active candidates. Instead we focus on real demonstrable deliverables and metrics in customer service success. We drill down into a talent to understand why they are successful against your business goals and how they can push your brand forwards. We entice them to add exceptional value to your customer service function.

At Eagle, we are driven to deliver results quickly and efficiently so that your business never loses its stride. We work diligently to identify exactly what you need and where to find it. We seek the highest-calibre talent and never settle for second best.

Eagle-Eyed for Your Talent

Our customer service headhunters ensure that your customer service executive roles are the drivers of your business reputation and success. We add the value you need through the right talent. Fill in the enquiry form here, or get in touch on 0203 582 2663 to discuss your requirements. We’re eagle-eyed for your customer service talent.