Interview Techniques

Interview Techniques

As an employer what should your interview technique be?

If you are looking for the right kind of people to hire for your organization, an interview is an excellent opportunity to evaluate potential candidates before making a choice. On the other hand, the cost to the company for hiring the wrong person can be huge and not just monetary, but could also affect client relationships, goodwill of the company, etc. Use the right interview technique to ensure that you are not making the mistake of hiring the wrong candidate as well as to fill the open position quickly and effectively.

Mass interviewing Technique

This technique is usually used when there is little time to fill a position and a large number of applicants for the position. Mass interviewing can be very useful in filtering unqualified or unskilled applicants quickly. Usually, a mass interview is followed by quick one-on-one interviews with selected candidates and one of them gets selected for the job.

Behaviour Based Interviewing Technique

This is the most popular technique of interviewing across all industries. Candidates are encouraged to discuss their work, education and skills. They are asked hypothetical questions and are asked to describe their reaction in a given situation. Skills that are usually judged in these interviews include content skills, functional skills, and adaptive skills. This interviewing technique is used to gain insight into the candidate’s behavioural pattern so that his/her performance within the organisation can be predicted.

High Tech Interviewing Technique

In today’s world of immediate connectivity, high tech interviewing techniques are widely used, especially to interview candidates from remote locations. This technique is also used at very high levels when the candidate has time constraints and can also be used for very low levels to filter out unqualified candidates. Methods used in high tech interviewing techniques include telephone interview and even videoconferencing. These days even computer based candidate screening has become an effective technique of interviewing.