CEO Headhunters

CEO and board level positions require exceptional care and expertise to fill. The stakes are high, and successful business requires a level of unrivalled success and a strong track record. Leadership positions determine the direction, growth and fundamental realisation of your business. CEOs need to have already demonstrated a plethora of skills from strategic drive, communicative strategy, and insightful and clear vision.

As such, the search for CEO and board level positions isn’t simply about identifying a list of characteristics and skills. It’s about identifying and enticing the specific individual who is spot-on for your business development. It’s about finding evidence of their business outcomes and value added. Experience and skills are the starting point: the aptitude and character of the individual, and how they meet and understand your business goals and culture, are the defining points of successful CEO and board level recruitment.

Why Eagle Headhunters?

Eagle Headhunters specialise in executive level positions and the CEO recruitment process. This knowledge and experience puts us at the forefront of identifying talent ahead of time. We know the landscape of the highest level of recruitment and the expectations from CEO’s. We know where to find the individuals you seek, and how to find the exact match for your business. It’s a specialist function in headhunting recruitment to find the next CEO, CFO or board member.

At Eagle we focus on delivering talent. We do this through careful understanding and evaluation of your roles, followed up with vigilant research and knowledge of individuals within our network. We never take a database approach to your recruitment – these roles and your time, are too valuable for that. Our strategy instead focuses on the outcome and the single individual who will lead your business tomorrow and beyond.

Our top headhunters are skilled at hunting down the right talent whatever the executive level role. We take an international and team-based approach to identify senior executives for a range of positions including: managing director, CEO, COO, CFO, chairperson of the board, and directors. By understanding you and your business we can deliver.

Our mission is to work quickly, thoroughly, and with utmost discretion. You can expect honesty and reliability from us, keeping you fully informed. Our track record for CEO headhunting success gives you the reassurance you need, whilst driving us on for each and every vacancy that needs to be filled with the highest-calibre talent.

Eagle-Eyed for Your Talent

We are here to ensure your CEO and board level recruitment is exceptional and puts your business on the right footing for the future. Our solutions will drive your business. Complete the form on this page, or call us on 0203 582 2663 to discuss your requirements. We’re eagle-eyed for your CEO level talent.