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May 27, 2021

How to Find and Hire Your Next Head of Project Management

Your head of project management is, in many ways, the lynchpin of your business success. You can’t afford to get this hiring decision wrong. As such, the process of sourcing and onboarding your new head of project management can be immensely stressful. There’s a huge amount invested here. The head of project management is the conduit through which so much of your overall success happens. This individual controls critical budgets, manages the most valuable staffing and is the central communication channel with clients. Their tendrils extend into every facet of your organisation. In short, it’s one of your most important hires. How do you find your next head of project management? And how do you successfully bring them onboard? What you need to look for in your next head of project management Primarily, you need to look for a successful project manager who is skilled in leading others. In fact, the best head of PM is going to be busy leading the function for another business. They will be in the midst of action. They are unlikely to be actively looking to move and, as such, won’t have you or any advertised vacancy on their radar. Instead, you need to […]
April 8, 2021

How to Find Great Sales Director Jobs in 2021

An organisation’s sales director has always been a pivotal role. It doesn’t matter how great your business’s product or service is, if it fails at the final hurdle of sales. However, in the tighter economy which is only just taking tentative steps towards recovery, and isn’t yet on a firm footing, sales director jobs are even more crucial to the success of the business. At Eagle Headhunters, we know that 2021 is a challenging time for businesses. But it’s also a challenging time for sales director candidates too. Those who succeed in finding the next role which is right for them need a notably different approach to times gone by. How can candidates find sales director jobs that will provide this elevated level in their career? And how can employers be sure that the individual they recruit is suited to driving success in a post-pandemic world where the landscape looks notably different? The changing nature of the sales director Firstly, both candidates and businesses need to realise that the attributes that made someone a suitable and skilled sales director in 2019 have changed. Yes, those same attributes of a pace-setting sales-pro are essential, but successful directors now need more. To […]
March 17, 2021

Differences between Executive Search Firms and Recruitment Firms

Recruitment is not just one big melting pot that requires the same approach from candidate identification to selection. Specifically, different approaches are needed according to the type of role being recruited for. It is along this dividing line that you will uncover the biggest differences between executive search firms and recruitment agencies. Importantly, both recruitment and executive search firms are of immense value to employers. When they fulfil their distinctive roles, employers get the best value for money within that particular area of recruitment. Both take away administrative hassle and the complexities of recruitment, both save time and usually money, and both will find the right candidate for the job – assuming you pick the right one for the type of role you have a vacancy in. What is executive search? However, most non-recruitment experts will struggle to define an executive search firm or partner as being distinctly different from a recruitment agency. Executive search firms specialise in identifying, enticing and securing highly-skilled and highly-experienced talent at the top levels of organisations. They deal with the executive level and above, as their name suggests. Yet, they aren’t simply a recruitment agency which specialises in more senior positions, much like an […]
February 18, 2021

Why is a headhunter best for executive recruitment?

Executive recruitment is a completely different ballgame to recruiting for other levels. It can be tempting to apply your same hiring methods to all roles, however senior. However, at top levels, this can lead to poor fit at best and expensive mistakes at worst. A headhunter, sometimes known as executive search, is the solution for executive recruitment.
February 1, 2021

It’s all about the jargon: the differences between headhunters, recruiters and hiring managers

As London headhunters on the inside of the industry, we decided it was time to bring some clarity to the different definitions of headhunters, recruiters and hiring manager. Each role is very important, but each is distinct. To discover what you need to secure the right individual for the role, it’s worth having a clear grasp of the definitions.
September 21, 2018

What Does AI Mean for Recruitment?

Since the advent of Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), those working in recruitment aren’t averse to using technology to make recruitment more cost-effective and successful. However, the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in recruitment is a whole other ball game. Does AI in recruitment mean we can do away with the specialists, still confident we’ll find the best talent?
September 10, 2018

Take Your Business Next Level with a New Chief Marketing Officer

If your business is looking to move to the next level, grow with direction and drive, or head into a new market area, you need the right expertise on board. As sales and marketing headhunters we know that the role you need to develop to take this next step is that of Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). It could be said that the future of your business depends on it.
September 6, 2018

5 Benefits if You Hire from Europe

In the international recruitment sphere, it’s fair to say that Brexit has sent seismic shockwaves through our confidence. Many businesses are currently unsure whether European recruitment is a good or bad choice. As a headhunter with international reach, we want to restore your confidence. Hiring from Europe stands to propel your business and bring you surprising benefits.