Choosing a Headhunting Firm

What is Headhunting?

Before you begin looking for a headhunting firm, it is important to establish the specific role of a head hunter, whether they are specialists within certain industries, and whether they are a good fit for your search. 

Headhunters operate differently to in-house hiring teams and other types of recruiters. Generally, recruitment is about casting a wide net in order to source a vast quantity of possible candidates. Head hunting is a more refined and precise process. The role of a head hunter is: 

Headhunters: The Basics

  • Establish the role that needs filling: these are executive level or highly specialist positions that cannot be posted on general hiring websites
  • Work with the business to ascertain the finer details about the role, company life and the perfect candidate
  • Use extensive data and resources to create a small pool of candidates
  • Many of the best candidates will already be in employment. A head hunter will action and oversee negotiations to secure the talent.

Headhunting in London

London is a highly competitive market. The role of a head hunter in London is significant, as they are a crucial factor in the success of sourcing and hiring the best talent for your team. London headhunters are required to go the extra mile and use every resource available to sift through the millions of potential candidates, without overlooking a rising star.  

London head hunters will also work globally when required. If the best candidate is overseas, a world class headhunter will endeavour to secure them for your vacancy. 

What to Consider When Choosing Your Headhunter Firm

Choosing a headhunter firm is a crucial decision because the results you get will be based on the choice you have made. Choosing a head hunting firm to carry out an executive search is a crucial aspect of the recruitment process and here are 4 tips for you to consider: 


For headhunting firms to be effective, it is important that they fully understand the industry, the requirement for skilled work force in it as well as the specific nature of your requirement. This is why it is important to establish a headhunting’s firm expertise before hiring it for your personnel requirements.

Ambassadorial Qualities

The executive search firm is going to represent you when it is dealing with potential candidates. Will it be able to present your organisation in a compelling enough way to potential candidates? Consider the ambassadorial qualities of the firm before hiring it.


Find out about the headhunting firm’s reporting structure before you hire it. Find out what reports they provide their clients and what information is encompassed in it. Also, it is important to find out how often they update their clients of their progress. Ensure that they are able to provide as frequent and as detailed report of their progress as required by you.

Modus Operandi

Find out how the headhunting firm intends to go about looking for the right candidates for you. A company that cannot come up with a strong strategy quickly is unlikely to be able to provide you suitable candidates in a timely or effective manner and you will find yourself behind schedule in the placement or you may end up hiring someone who is not perfectly suited for the job simply because you have run out of time.

Do You Need a Headhunting Agency?

Many of our current clients were in a position where they had a poor hiring experience, difficulty filling an executive level position or were spending too much time and money on their hiring process. If any of these-sound familiar, it is time to work with a headhunting agency.  

Our team of experts will create a tailored approach to your hiring process, however the benefits remain the same for all businesses who use a headhunting agency to secure their candidates: 

  • Attract passive candidates  
  • Reduce resources including cost and time spent hiring  
  • Discretion and privacy  
  • Higher caliber of candidates taken from a global pool  
  • Personal process: you can be as hands on or hands off as you choose  

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