Interview Preparation

Preparing for Job Interviews

The interview is one of the most important aspects of the head hunters recruitment process. No matter how relevant your education or your experience may be, it you do not succeed in your interviews, it is unlikely that you will be offered the job you are being interviewed for. The key to a successful interview is preparation and here are 4 great tips to help you for your job interview.

Do Your Homework

Before going for an interview, ensure that you research both the company and the job role you are applying for. You risk creating a very bad impression of yourself if you walk into an interview without having sufficient knowledge about the company you hope to work for. Having relevant information will increase your credibility and both your questions and answers about the company will be informed.

Dress Impeccably

The interview is perhaps the most crucial step in getting the job and you want to be dressed for the part. Dress formally and consider wearing a suit. Ensure that everything in your attire is in place, your shoes are shining and your hair is combed.


You can be sure there are some questions that are bound to be asked in the interview like “Why did you leave your last job?” or “Why do you want to join this company?” Rehearse your responses to questions like these because they are very important and you don’t want to fumble when it is your turn to answer them.

Sell Yourself

Remember, you are going to an interview to sell yourself as a potential employee of the organization. Play the part of an expert salesman. Take care of your body language and gestures and ensure that overall, you are making a powerful case of ‘why you?’ amongst all other applicants. Consider yourself watched at all times and behave accordingly.