Where to Find a Good Headhunter

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Where to Find a Good Headhunter

Where To Find A Good Headhunter

Knowing how to find a headhunter for a vacancy can seem pretty confusing. How do you know that you’re getting the service you really need? How can you be sure that your chosen recruitment strategy actively adds value to your business? As an in-house recruitment manager, you have that responsibility on your shoulders.

The reality is, simple though it may be, that you can’t just type ‘find a headhunter’ into your search engine and know you’re getting exactly what you need. Firstly, you may not be identifying a headhunter at all, but rather a recruitment agency using the headhunting term to cash in on the headhunting reputation. Knowing how to find a headhunter for a job is instead more about knowing what process of recruitment you need.

It is in the process of finding and acquiring talent that a good headhunter earns their keep.

The Headhunting Process

The value that a headhunter brings to your business, through their recruitment solution, comes down to how they go about identifying your desired talent. Therefore your first step to take on how to find a headhunter for a job is to find out about the process they use. To show you just how important the process is, we dedicate a whole section to explaining our headhunter process.

Therefore, your first red flag allowing you to dismiss potential headhunters from your selection is if they don’t have a clear process, or are cagey when asked. Headhunting differs enormously from typical recruitment methods and understanding this process is critical to its success.

You need to be looking for a few key things from the process:

  • Understanding of your organisation: a successful headhunter will dedicate time to understanding your unique branding, culture, expectations and goals. This enables a successful match in expectations with the chosen individual.
  • Understanding of the role: beyond their understanding of the organisation they also aim to truly understand the role. A job title alone can be misleading. Instead, the task is to identify where and how the role’s fulfilment will add value.
  • Research: At this point, the headhunter will use networking and industry understanding to identify positions and individuals where the requirements of your role are already being demonstrated. You aren’t simply looking for someone with potential, but also someone who can add value now. These individuals are rarely waiting in the wings as active candidates. Rather, they are currently engaged in challenging roles proving their value elsewhere.
  • Shortlisting and screening: The next step a headhunter undertakes is to shortlist potential candidates and screen them further. You should never be expected to wade through dozens of applications if you have found a good headhunter. You should be presented with a one to a few options that fulfil your expectations and offer real choice. The headhunter’s role is to do much of the legwork for you.

Beyond the Process

So the process that the headhunter takes is crucial. However, there are some other important factors to consider when you look to find one. Using a headhunter should have a focus on return on investment. This can be tricky to quantify so where you need to give some attention to is the headhunter’s reputation and track record. A successful headhunter will happily share testimonials, and come recommended.

You’re looking for headhunters who have actively added value and gone ‘above and beyond’. For this you need to choose a firm that is outward looking, exceptional at networking, works with a range of specialisms and niches on both a national and international level.

Furthermore, don’t forget the human element. A pivotal part of headhunting success is in coaxing the talent away from their current role and winning them over to yours. Do you find it easy to chat with the headhunter? Do you find them amenable and approachable? Do you feel they are trustworthy? If so then the potential candidates will feel this too.

How to find a headhunter for a job vacancy can be daunting. If you’re ready to use a trustworthy headhunter to add value to your business, who focuses on research and has a strong reputation, give us a call on 0203 582 2663.