Take Your Business Next Level with a New Chief Marketing Officer

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Take Your Business Next Level with a New Chief Marketing Officer

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If your business is looking to move to the next level, grow with direction and drive, or head into a new market area, you need the right expertise on board. As sales and marketing headhunters we know that the role you need to develop to take this next step is that of Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). It could be said that the future of your business depends on it.

What is a Chief Marketing Officer – A Marketing Headhunter’s View

Unfortunately, many businesses lack clear insight into the role of a CMO and how they have the capacity to dynamically transform a business. As sales marketing headhunters we have seen this role used powerfully for good. We’ve also seen it misunderstood and therefore potential is stifled. So what do you need to know?

In a nutshell, this role is responsible for taking charge of initiatives in the business focusing on marketing and advertising. However, they are critically responsible for planning and developing these initiatives and formulating a marketing strategy, as well as executing them. It’s about spotting potential within the brand and driving success in that area.

The person should report directly to the CEO and ultimately this is a role centred on growth and expansion. It’s a position pivotal to the future direction and success of the business. It combines a broad range of skills including market research, pricing strategy, distribution channel management, product development, PR, new business development, customer service and of course, exceptional leadership qualities.

The most successful CMO’s demonstrate immense skills across a broad spectrum. They are analytical yet highly creative, knowledgeable across a vast number of areas, and can pull together windows of opportunity from IT to finance, and ultimately sales. CMO’s should be so integral to the corporate culture and branding that they truly reflect it.

It takes an incredibly talented individual to successfully navigate this role. This is particularly true if the business has not employed a CMO previously.

Why Do We Need a CMO – The Sales and Marketing Headhunter’s View

We’ve helped businesses on the cusp of expansion to seek out the most talented CMO who is suited for their business niche. This experience has demonstrated to us exactly why businesses wishing to grow cannot afford not to have a CMO.

The world our businesses now operate in is marketing driven. Whilst you may have succeeded in meeting your marketing needs without a CMO up until this point, if you want to grow, you need a CMO to drive the future of your marketing. Marketing is a completely different beast to just a few decades ago.

There are times when the need for a CMO has a spotlight shone on it. If you’re missing sales targets, wanting to expand into a new area or a different niche, facing stronger competition or fighting tighter margins, then these are times when a CMO isn’t really optional, but a necessity. If you have goals but are falling short, this is another area where a CMO can prove their worth.

Having decided you need a CMO, how do you go about creating the role and filling the vacancy?

Creating a CMO Role

It’s not enough to simply decide you want a piece of the action. All executive level roles should be clearly defined. This isn’t to constrain talent once it is through your doors, but instead to excel its success.

The primary person who should be contemplating the scope of the CMO role is the CEO themselves. They need to accept this is a genuine c-suite professional with tangible and valuable skill. Remember not to be afraid of change here. The CMO role will bring about change, but only with the purpose of thriving business success.

Once the role has been clearly understood and defined by the organisation’s existing c-suite, we urge you to choose marketing headhunters who are specialists in this area. The problem with the CMO role is that many have the title but don’t truly do the function. Furthermore, seeking the actual talent you need is a tall order.

Finding CMO Talent

As you begin your quest for CMO talent, you are likely to discover that it is a very difficult path to walk. The best talent is quickly snapped up; it’s an intensely competitive field. Furthermore, the talent you need is unlikely to be hanging around a job board waiting for your posting.

These c-suite positions need a different approach. A PR and marketing headhunter can target talent which is already proving their mettle at the CMO level with tangible success. They can identify the right individual for your corporate aims, culture and branding. Furthermore, they can support wider marketing and PR recruitment if the CMO needs a complete team.

Eagle Headhunters are sales and marketing headhunters in London with a nationwide and international reach. We know that the power of your brand and business can be unlocked with the right individual in the role of CMO.

Find out more about our PR and marketing headhunters here or call us to discuss how we can find that exceptional individual for your business on 0203 582 2663.