UK Businesses are recruiting!

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May 17, 2013
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July 9, 2013

UK Businesses are recruiting!

Companies are on the move again and recruiting the right sales professional is vital

The last few years have been so tough on all UK businesses with no cash for investment or cash lying dormant and not being used for fear of what is round the corner. Thankfully this year we are beginning to see companies take the first very important steps that will not only secure their future growth but will go a long way in securing a brighter future for British business. We are seeing a big move in UK companies investing in securing talented individuals to drive their business forwards.

We say about time too; it is impossible to tread water for too long without sinking. Companies are starting to recruit people within all disciplines but most of the work we are being approached for is within the Sales discipline. Companies need very credible people with the necessary gravitas to represent their company – this has been the case for us for a while with 80% of our mandates being sales related.

The recruitment of Sales professionals brings with it plenty of risk – there is a lot of posturing, bluff, ego and sophisticated charm that can cloud the process and the hirer’s decisions. This can lead to the wrong hire or not making the right hire – either outcome proving costly.

Fortunately Eagle Headhunters can assist the client in cutting through all of this. Throughout our interview process not only are we assessing the validity of the candidate’s skill-set but we also ask for detailed evidence of their sales history. This will come in the form of paperwork that validates specific sales transactions that the candidate has undertaken and most importantly we ask to see a copy of their P60 or the last year’s payslip. With this evidence the risk of making the wrong hire or not making the right one is dramatically reduced and you will be able to focus your attention on interviewing the candidate for the softer skills.