5 Benefits if You Hire from Europe

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5 Benefits if You Hire from Europe

5 Benefits If You Hire From Europe

In the international recruitment sphere, it’s fair to say that Brexit has sent seismic shockwaves through our confidence. Many businesses are currently unsure whether European recruitment is a good or bad choice. As a headhunter with international reach, we want to restore your confidence. Hiring from Europe stands to propel your business and bring you surprising benefits.

Here we showcase just five of the benefits we see when our clients recruit candidates from Europe. See for yourself that it’s still a good opportunity to take.

  1. A Bigger Talent Pool

As a headhunter business with an international reach, we are seeing talent pools shrink across the modernised world. An ILO report, ‘A Skilled Workforce for Strong Sustainable and Balanced Growth’, points to our declining populations of working-aged adults.

This is of particular concern for some executive roles. Experience gained in European headquarters can be highly valuable, and cutting off this pool hinders your growth. Furthermore, as UK university courses continue to shift, the skills we need are frequently developed on the continent in a way they aren’t here.

Recruiting from Europe will always give you a wider and more diverse talent pool from which to choose your future leaders. You are back in the position of being able to recruit on talent alone, rather than lack of options.

  1. The Red Tape Isn’t As Bad As You Think

If you’re put off hiring from abroad, and in the midst of Brexit we include Europe in that, because of perceived red tape, then don’t be. Chances are you simply aren’t familiar with how straightforward it is to recruit at the executive level. What you tend to hear in the media isn’t about this level of recruitment, and is a completely different kettle of fish.

If the highest calibre talent for your executive role isn’t a UK national, then you can still choose them. In the UK we have a Points Based visa system. Many employers typically recruit from an international pool by using a Tier 2 visa, designed for skilled employees.

Under this system, the employer effectively sponsors their new recruit. As long as you can demonstrate that the candidate is most skilled, then you’ll be able to obtain the visa.

You will also need to carry out right to work checks – an experienced international headhunter can help you with this process.

  1. Bilingualism

The world of business is a continually shrinking one. We frequently need skilled staff who are capable of working across borders to further the success and growth of the business.

Whilst there are bilingual candidates in the UK, we rarely see the perfect blend of bilingualism with the leadership skills within a specific industry. This combination is more readily found in high-level European workers who typically speak both their mother tongue and English with a high level of fluency.

If you’re looking to have the cutting edge over competitors on a global level, then bilingual executives are exceptionally sought after.

  1. A Unique Candidate

At the executive level, you aren’t simply looking for someone to neatly match a job description. Instead, you want someone who has proven their worth in an equally challenging environment. You want someone who you can admire from afar (even if they work for a competitor!), precisely because they have a unique skill set and set of attributes.

By opening your candidate pool to Europe, you stand a far greater chance of identifying these unique individuals who have a distinct history of success. Unique candidates are not always the easiest to find, so never shut a door you don’t need to.

  1. An Injection of Different Work Ethic

The culture of an organisation is often its USP and also the powerhouse of its success. This doesn’t mean that you can’t benefit from non-UK executives. In fact, in our experience, hiring executives from Europe boost the culture and overall work ethic of their teams because they bring a fresh and dynamic approach.

Benefiting from the good points of different cultures in the workplace enables you to adapt and thrive, as well as meet the demands of a global marketplace.

How to Hire From Europe

Understandably, international recruitment involving Europeans coming to the UK is an uncertain territory at the moment. However, realising that the barriers don’t exist in the way you fear, means you can actually take advantage of this time to seek out the very best candidates from Europe. Now is your chance to snap up exceptional European talent.

Choose an experienced headhunter with an international focus, such as Eagle, and you can navigate the uncertainties with confidence. Contact us today to discover your needs.