Why Eagle Headhunters deliver the best candidates

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March 27, 2013
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May 7, 2013

Why Eagle Headhunters deliver the best candidates

This is a question that we are asked each time we have a new business enquiry which is no real surprise and something which we value because it allows our business to be constantly assessed and improved.

We are sure that you are aware that most recruitment businesses and processes rely on advertising and database search which can certainly bring you quick results but they are risky processes that have varied results. Not only are they risky but they only focus on people who are looking for work. What about all of the people who are too busy succeeding in their current roles? Advertising and database search only focus on the people proactively seeking work. So the end result is yes you will probably make a hire but you will certainly not be getting the best candidate on the market – you are making do because the process is quick and cheap.

Rather than focus on the frailties of other recruitment processes we would like to focus on Eagle Headhunters and how we make sure we are attracting the best talent in any given industry. Each assignment we take on it is absolutely essential that we meet with the client to take a brief, really get under the skin of it and get a detailed 3D view of the role. If the client does not give us this detail there is little chance of meeting the brief. The reason this is so important is that we are approaching people who are not looking for a new job so we have to be able to see the role from their perspective and assess why we think this role would be a good move for them. Every detail is vital.

We have 3 people working on each role – a Researcher, a Consultant and a Project Manager. The researcher has such an important role – as a team we discuss which companies we think to be viable targets and once this is verified the researcher will start compiling a list of target candidates. The researcher will then do the background checks and collate information including their career history to date, salary levels, location and will even include client referencing. All of this information is the first step in deciding which candidates are going to be relevant which will lead us to a successful conclusion.

The Researcher will then pass this data to the Consultant and discuss the possibilities. The Consultant will then make the first approaches – this is when the target candidate begins to understand that we are serious as we have the details of their career to date and they realise that we have done the background checks to know that this job could be a good step in their career – in essence we are informed and can make an intelligent assessment of why they would be suitable for the role. Once we have their interest the Consultant will undertake a series of conversations in order to assess their suitability and also get their buy in – it is essential to realise that not only does the candidate have to convince us of their suitability but we have to sell the opportunity as they were not looking for a new job in the first place. It is a very delicate balance but with over 20 years’ experience it is something that we are used to. Once the Consultant is satisfied that the candidate has the necessary attributes to be considered for the role their details are passed onto the Project Manager and their credentials discussed.

The Project Manager will then have a conversation with each candidate and if they are deemed to be suitable then a face to face interview is arranged. If they get through that then we will present the candidates for a client interview. As you will see there are quite a few stages of quality control within the process that guarantees that we are only presenting highly qualified people for the job and that is why Eagle Headhunters deliver the best candidates.