How to Find Your Ideal Candidate Abroad

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December 17, 2017
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February 13, 2018

How to Find Your Ideal Candidate Abroad

How To Find Your Ideal Candidate Abroad

Recently we explored the impact of Brexit on your executive level recruitment. We can’t deny that Brexit is impacting on the recruitment sphere. We can reassure you that whilst the consequences of Brexit are challenging for international recruitment, they aren’t simply a hurdle to leap.

Whilst indeed these new hurdles in recruiting the best talent can be scaled, the situation is also presenting new recruitment opportunities. By using the top headhunters in Europe, with an in-depth understanding of Europe-wide recruitment and business, you can be sure of your recruitment success.

Your Pool of Candidates

Recruitment is much like a triangle. At the bottom, you have a large number of lower skilled positions. These are easy to fill and can be done so by scooping up a large number of available and actively searching candidates. As you move up the triangle, your roles become more important and more strategic. At the same time, your available pool of candidates gets smaller. Once you reach the pinnacle of the triangle, you’re faced with some unique recruitment challenges.

At the executive level, not only do you have an exceptionally small pool of candidates, you likely need to look beyond candidates alone. The talent needed at this level is so specific – to your detailed needs and organisational strategy – that it’s impossible to simply put out a generic CV’s request. At this level you need to be actively hunting down the talent – finding it in action, already proving itself elsewhere. You should be able to concretely see and understand how their track record of success will benefit your business.

If you limit this approach to the UK only, especially in the midst of uncertainty over Brexit, you narrow an already narrow pool. You need to be able to see beyond borders, select from the broadest possible pool, and secure the talent you need.

Looking to Europe

This requires getting the best European headhunters on board to expand your pool and navigate the complex recruitment waters for you. The top headhunters in Europe don’t see borders as limits, they see them as an opportunity for exceptional talent. Brexit, however, adds another layer of complexity.
This is particularly alarming when we listen to the news headlines, such as the Independent’s ‘Brexit: City of London suffers ‘alarming’ drop in job vacancies’ or the Telegraph’s ‘No Brexit Exodus’. A headhunter in Europe certainly will need to be made of tough stuff.

The Current Brexit Problem

The heart of the current recruitment problem is likely still the issue of uncertainty. Recruitment strategies are on hold as businesses still wait for news of a deal, and consider their relocation options. To some degree, there is a wait-and-see attitude, and it’ll be a while yet before we have our answers.
To solve recruitment problems you therefore need flexible skilled headhunters who can operate in an uncertain marketplace and leverage the talent you need, wherever it is from. We cannot shy away from the international recruitment problems we are facing, rather face them head on and help to solve them.

Finding a Headhunter in Europe

This is why it is now essential to look beyond using a headhunter who is confined by borders, and instead choose the best European headhunters who can solve complex executive recruitment challenges in the complex environment we’re in. This needs to happen within the framework and scope of the future. Only businesses who take a step forward now, in the uncertainty, are going to be those able to take advantage of it and ride the wave as their business moves post-Brexit.

It is an uncertain time. Decisions will need to be made before all the facts are apparent. What is important is to take a bigger picture view of international recruitment so that wherever you are, and wherever you end up, you have the talent that will come with you and help you to grow.

Eagle Headhunters are a dedicated headhunter in Europe with their finger on the pulse. Being amongst the best European headhunters, with our finger on the political pulse and with a keen understanding of your business needs, we can deliver the talent you need, where you need it. Call on 0203 582 2663.