Exceptional Executives, Expertly Sourced

At Eagle Headhunters, we are the executive recruiters of choice across industry sectors in London, the UK and overseas. We differ from executive recruitment agencies by offering a proactive and bespoke recruitment process which delivers better fit candidates, greater security of hire and drivers for your business success.

Our executive recruiters undertake search, assessment and leadership development to strategically place the best individuals in your company.

Executive Recruiters VS Executive Recruitment Agencies

We do things differently because you need the best. Success flows from your executive level staff and, as such, recruitment at this level must be approached differently.

Unfortunately, executive recruitment agencies take a one-size-fits-all approach to recruitment. Your position will be advertised on a job board in the same way as more junior positions. Candidates will self-select and apply, and databases of candidates will be used to deliver to you a raft of CVs to choose. Adverts are never enough for executive positions and you need targeted and expert recruitment support.

We are executive recruiters who work under the headhunting model. We understand the pivotal importance of executive positions and we know that the best candidates are already proving their worth elsewhere. It’s time to attract these candidates to your organisation.

As such, we use our distinct headhunting process to source exceptional talent.

Why Choose Executive Recruiters?

Executive positions can transform organisations and provide the springboard for growth and success. As such, sourcing the right executive for your business is essential.

While executive recruitment agencies have notable weaknesses that can make for difficult recruitment processes and poor outcomes down the line, executive recruiters undertake dedicated executive search.

Executive recruiters at Eagle are renowned for:

Research & Analysis
Our executive recruiters get to understand the business, its objectives, the role and the industry. This analytical research underpins success.
Tenacity & Dedication
We understand that there’s pressure to fill the role. That’s why our executive recruiters work diligently, ethically and with speed to deliver executive recruitment solutions.
Creativity & Judgement
Experienced and highly knowledgeable, our executive recruiters bring creativity and insightful judgment to each placement so that exceptional executives are identified, attracted and developed.

Choose Eagle Executive Recruiters

We are a cut above the rest when it comes to identifying, sourcing and on-boarding your executive talent. Our process is thorough and successful, and includes:

  • Industry and market analysis
  • Cultural assessment
  • Diversity and Inclusion driven approaches
  • Existing dynamics assessment
  • Innovative sourcing strategies and technology
  • Industry and geographical knowledge
  • Exceptional sourcing and screening expertise
  • Global collaboration and reach
  • Assessment processes
  • Proactive search

We have executive recruiters who are talented across industries and borders. From multinationals to startups, we deliver the talent you need. As such, you can ensure that, while the haystack of candidates is big, we will always find the needle. We stand out from the crowd to identify and attract candidates to your executive positions who will be engaged, motivated and committed to the long-term achievement and growth of the business. Eagle candidates become the bedrock of exceptional success.

Our clients come back, time and again. Why? Because we deliver the best. Our assignment success rates are high, judged not only on placement but on longevity and output. We are renowned for our meticulous approach and rigorous tenacity. We care about each and every placement.

For bespoke, proactive and exceptional executive recruitment, choose Eagle Headhunters as your executive recruiters.

London Location, Global Outreach

At Eagle, we are London executive recruiters with a global reach. Our executive recruiters work across sectors and borders to ensure that every stone is overturned in the search for the best talent. We don’t just take candidates who approach us, but actively research competitors, as well understanding transferrable skills across industries, to always bring your business the best.

We differ from executive recruitment agencies because we work on a retained search basis. This means that, while working quickly and efficiently, we aren’t pressured to fill your position with ‘just anyone’ to prevent another agency winning the race.

Cultural Fit & Dynamic Boards

A major failing of executive recruitment agencies is a focus on filling the role without focus on true understanding of the cultural fit of the organisation. The cultural fit of the successful candidate is exceptionally important for overall placement success. A candidate’s qualifications and experience on paper may not easily translate into success within the organisation. Given the expense, time and devotion that executive recruitment takes, you don’t want to get this wrong.

It’s important to assess the existing culture of the organisation as well as the dynamics which already exist across senior executives. This allows us, as executive recruiters, to spot opportunities for greater success. The most successful executive teams work because of the interplay between executives: they become far greater than the sum of the whole.

Understanding and assessing cultural fit and sourcing candidates within this context, within the wider understanding of the benefits of diverse and inclusive executive teams, is what enables us to go beyond standard executive recruitment agencies.

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Executive Recruiting Sectors

We are executive recruiters across sectors including:

Whatever your industry, whatever your location, we are the executive recruiters you need.