Insurance Industry Heahunters

Those in the insurance industry are struggling to find the right talent at the executive level. Indeed, 70% of insurance CEOs state that they can’t find the people they need. We provide the solution: dedicated headhunters for the insurance industry.

Why are you struggling to find talent?

There are multiple reasons that the insurance industry is in a precarious position when it comes to recruitment:

  • Skills shortage: The insurance industry is notably one of the worst-affected industries. There is a global shortage of insurance talent.
  • Disruptive technologies: Insurance is radically changing. Insurtech is the future. But, the talent needed to cope with this shift doesn’t completely sit within the industry itself – yet.
  • Emerging risks: Compounding the changes are customer expectations of Insurance to help with emerging risks, due to global changes such as cyber risk or the Internet of Things.
  • Age of talent: The next generation of insurance specialists require different skills and they aren’t yet cultivated within the industry itself.
  • Economic and political uncertainty: The changing landscape of geo-politics, and the global economic landscape, makes it a precarious industry to navigate.
  • Claims culture: As other western cultures move more towards the claims culture of the US, insurance companies need to face customer expectations. This is closely aligned with the changing nature of the insurance consumer, who is looking for a more personalised and tech-driven insurance approach.

We are aware of your current recruitment challenges. We are here to help you navigate them with confidence.

Why Eagle Headhunters

When choosing headhunters for the insurance industry you need to choose dedicated insurance executive recruitment experts. When you choose Eagle, you benefit from:

  • Knowledge: Our headhunters understand your industry and embrace technology to bring you innovative recruitment solutions tailored to your insurance niche.
  • Talent: We know there’s a shrinking talent pool, but we utilise our expert knowledge to uncover the talent you need, wherever they currently are.
  • Skills: We drive into the calibre of the individual to discover the executives you need for the future, seeking out analytical and technological skill, identifying those who will grow your business.
  • Experience: At Eagle, it’s our experience which ensures your recruitment success.
  • Dedication: We fully understand that recruitment is about more than securing talent which ‘ticks the boxes’. We look at your brand-culture and objectives, to identify talent which is proven but ready to grow with you.

Eagle-Eyed for Your Talent

We are the headhunters for the insurance industry. Let us find your executive talent. Call us on 0203 582 2663.